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Watch Strap Review Part 29. - Crafter Blue Strap ReviewThere is no secret that people like (Grand) Seiko here on Fratello. From the low cost mechanical replica watches until Grand Seiko models with Spring Drive movement. Additionally it is obvious that any of us (well, especially me) aren't fan of many of the bracelets that come on these replica watches. It really is mainly the looks that bothers me, not the quality. In other words, I was searching for a nice alternative for one of the best go-to replica watches, the Seiko Marinemaster 300.Seiko Marinemaster 300There are a few of articles and reviews on that Seiko Marinemaster Professional 300 on Fratello, the most up-to-date one being the 52Mondayz feature from Gerard, where he speaks about the watch are experts in wearing that week. The actual Marinemaster 300 is reference SBDX017, which can be a slightly upgraded iteration with the reference SBDX001. Several technical aspects changed in the new edition, but what failed to change was the bracelet along with the rubber strap that comes with it. A lovely waffle strap that shows resemblance together with the strap for the original 6159-7000 (1968). However, I ran across the rubber waffle strap to be quite stiff, which after having owned the watch for more than couple of years, it did not be a little more supple rolex replica . Arrived to take a look on the strap market, to find out what's there.Crafter BlueI've tried a few straps about the Seiko Marinemaster, from leather with other Third party rubber straps. Even so the watch looks best within the waffle strap or on the original stainless steel bracelet. Meet Crafter Blue! By coincidence I noticed the corporation in Hong Kong when I searched the interwebs for just a fitting strap.The director of Crafter Blue, Steve Chan, explained me that they think that Seiko replica watches deserve an improved strap. As effortless is the fact, and I agree. Although 'better' might be explained in many different ways, a minimum of the look and luxury rolex replica might be done better with regards to the rubber waffle strap. I ought to add that the silicone straps that Seiko uses for their replica watches (including some Prospex models) are awesome and i also actually use one in my Seiko 6159-7010 'Grandfather Tuna'.Crafter Blue has 'generic' 22mm straps that may fit any Seiko with this particular lug width, with a design that looks familiar on the famous Isofrane strap. replica original rolex prices watches In addition, they produce a variety of straps designed for some Seiko models. The CB02 is really a strap that may fit the Seiko Sumo perfectly, while their CB05 (above) is designed for the well-known SKX number of Seiko.Crafter Blue CB03 Marinemaster StrapI found out that Crafter Blue has a strap they refer to as 'CB03', especially intended for the Seiko Marinemaster 300. Easily obtainable in various colors (black, brown, orange and yellow). Although I will be Dutch, I selected the black rubber CB03 strap.This pure vulcanized rubber Crafter Blue strap comes without a clasp or folding buckle. Instead, you need to attach it to your original metal folding clasp from the bracelet that provide the Seiko Marinemaster SBDX001 and SBDX017. A very simple task to try and do by the way, exclusively use a Bergeon (or other make) tool to get rid of the clasp through the stainless-steel bracelet and attach it to the rubber CB03 strap. The strap can be purchased in a regular length (62.5mm + 100mm) all of which will fit any wrist approximately 20cm (or 7.8 inch). Consequently you will have to cut the strap to the desired length. The strap already has some 'measuring' grooves, so you're able to easily cut through it. Next, you need to attach the folding clasp on the rubber Crafter Blue strap. Again, use a proper to perform most of these tasks.Image by Crafter BluePerfect FitI advise you that wearing my Seiko Marinemaster 300 using this type of Crafter Blue CB03 strap is a superb relief. Not only is it a good looking strap i think, with curved ends which fit perfectly to the case, yet it is another very comfortable soft rubber strap to wear. Not as soft (it may not be silicone as officially used on the Marinemaster 1000 models), replica tag heuer eyeglasses watches but not very stiff or uncomfortable like the rubber waffle strap.The clasp works perfectly within the strap, although I would not get the clasp being pretty. You can resize the clasp in case you want to make use of it over your neoprene diving suit or whenever your wrists certainly are a bit swollen on account of hot and humid weather. To do this, you pull the flip lock towards rubber strap which releases the lock to slide the extension the main clasp. Some times it is annoying, as when you want to clear out the watch from a wrist, make use of the flip lock at the same time of course. Should you pull it a tad too hard, the clasp extension starts to slide. I already found this annoying within the metal bracelet, in order that it doesn't have almost anything to use the strap. However, I would not mind if Crafter Blue comes with a normal buckle with regard to their Marinemaster CB03 strap, just like the CB05 I pictured above.Verdict and PricingAs you most likely already have guessed, I ran across the Crafter Blue CB03 to be a good companion for my Seiko Marinemaster 300. Straightforward to install, perfect fit relating to the lugs plus the curved ends are nicely done at the same time. I am not a fan of the clasp, but it really does work fine and fits well to your strap. Cutting the strap was a simple task, but there is somewhat risk in cutting away excessive material. So be very careful using this and then try to accomplish this in a couple of steps so that you find the correct groove to slice. When you are ready, the strap is a real joy to use (and admire). Since I've wear it the Marinemaster, Some seem like switching to an alternative strap again (I stay very faithful to straps for and feel much better). I'll also replace the standard strap on my SKX007 using the CB05 and acquire to you before long on that one.A very important factor which should be said would be that the strap carries a very good scent. Additional two straps I caused by Crafter Blue experience a similar strong scent. It took quite a while before it became less, but didn't disappear entirely. Even after wearing the watch maybe once or twice, the scent usually stick to the strap. Some rubber straps which i have (using their company makes) are impregnated using this vanilla scent, i always can see right now has to be positive thing to do if all Crafter Blue straps have this scent. Anyway, a minor issue and perhaps not applicable to all Crafter Blue straps, it is simply the three straps I received have problems with this. It didn't cause me to feel NOT wear the Marinemaster 300 naturally.The price of the CB03 strap for that Marinemaster is $75 USD. Their cheapest strap is $50 USD. A One year warranty emerged together with a 7-day refund guarantee.Ordering plus much more info on Crafter Blue is found here.Interesting for those who have a Seiko Turtle, Crafter Blue may also get a unique rubber strap of those models. Pre-orders will become soon and delivery predicted to be in August. Watch out for the Crafter Blue CB08 strap. Image by Crafter Blue